Retreat description

Below you will get an idea what we will be doing together, but the experience of the retreat will

always be in the flow.


Day 1

2pm Arrival 

5pm First gathering with Rainbow and talk about the ocean and the sacred code of dolphins.
        Sufi dance

6pm Pupus

7pm Satsang with Pali 

Day 2

7am Meeting the dolphins 

12pm Lunch

2pm At the ocean somewhere with Rainbow continuing the knowledge about the sacred code of dolphins.

6pm Dinner

7pm Satsang with Pali

Day 3

7am Meeting the dolphins 

2pm Pu’uhonua o Honaunau park and visiting the aina (land)

6pm Dinner

7pm Satsang with Pali 

9pm Dance 

Day 4

7am Meeting the dolphins 

1pm Closing circle with Pali and Rainbow

This is a 5 day retreat that has the four elements of air, water, fire and earth unified as ONE whole.

For the element of air Pali will lead satsangs in her unique and humorous way to bring us back to our true self.
She has developed a way of teaching that is a quiet revolution. 

baby satsang with Pali

For the element of water you will join Rainbow and the dolphins in their pod. Rainbow has spend so many hours with them that she has been accepted in the pod as a family member.She learned their body language, their sounds, their family structure and their myriad behaviors.She will teach you to connect with them. You will learn that the dolphins live from the place of no ego,its the place of pure spirit. Dolphins are living what Pali teaches.

For the element of fire Sue will introduce the deeksha fire energy.


With the Yoga we are bringing together the elements of earth and fire with Camila.



For the element of earth a Hawaiian kumu or teacher will teach us the Hawaiian traditions as hula and


In this retreat we will make two boat trips to join the dolphins, manta rays, turtles and other ocean beings.

We will also visit old Hawaiian sacred temples and connect with the aina (earth) in the neighborhood.

This is not a sight seeing retreat! 

The retreat is concentrated in and around the retreat center as much as we can,
because we want to focus on waking up to our true Self and the teachings of the dolphins and Pali.

During the retreat private sessions with Pali can be scheduled.

The private sessions cost $100 for an hour. 

When this retreat is over you will not be on your own. Pali offers private sessions on the phone,
which is an amazing safe place to be!!!! I know (Rainbow)

You can also schedule private deeksha sessions with Sue at $50 a session.

Rainbow is a gifted artist who creates an artistic expression of the blueprint of your soul.
These soulpaintings will be available before and after the retreat.

Normally a painting like that is $400 (see the page Rainbowsheart, Art by Rainbow)
but if your order it before or during the retreat the price is $300.


In order to have everything move smoothly you will be in contact with Rainbow by email

to help you arrive safely. If you come earlier to Big Island she might be able to give you tips for your stay here.



We look forward to being together and experiencing the JOY of our dolphin nature.

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