Enter the joyful diverse world
of Rainbow's ART

The artist behind the colors

When I am not painting I am often in the ocean with my dolphin family.
I have spend so much time with them that I have learned a lot of their language and body signs. We developed a trust and connection that made me part of the dolphin tribe. In my art you will see the joyfulness of the dolphin spirit reflected in my whimsical way of using my colors or themes.
I also started photographing them in this deep connection of trust.
You'll see that my subjects for my art not only exists out of dolphins. The variation of images is very wide. Although you''ll get fast that I adore animals and plants for their innocence of being.
And that I have a tendency expressing through my art that we are ONE spirit.
A spirit that is an awakened state of LOVE.

Love, Rainbow

I am specialized in custom paintings. you can email me rainbowsart@yahoo.com with any request. I do custom art, murals and illustrations.

I have also a special gift with the soulpaintings I make.



Can I share with you


My original art that is painted on canvas with acrylics or with watercolor on paper. 
I also accept custom orders for original paintings or murals. (8087545883)

All of my art is available in different sizes prints.
Those are canvas prints with 1.18 inch or 3 cm stretcher bars. It is excellent quality which resembles my vivid colors really well. 
It has color fading resistant, waterproof and UV protective coating.
They have a hang system, so you can hang it immediately.
Prices start at $40 for 8 by10 inch,
$60 for 12 by 16inch, $75 for 16 by 20 inch

The larger sizes (40 by 60 inch and up) are on ROLLED canvas and costs $180.
Shipping costs are calculated at the end and vary from $10 to $30, depends on the weight. And this to everywhere in the world!

The different galleries have a store attached to it and you can order a few items print on demand.
If you rather order a print with me in any size you want than you need to email me rainbowsart@yahoo.com with the image of your choice.

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