Rainbow's dolphin school

I am Rainbow, the friend of the dolphins.
You may have seen me many times in the middle of the ocean around the boats or on my own with a pod of dolphins.
I have been gifted with an extremely strong body and it is effortless for me to swim so far to be with them. For the last 10 years at least I have lived with the spinner dolphins more than I was with humans.

I have developed a language with them through singing, words and sounds.
This vocabulary I created with mimicking their sounds and body language.
Dolphins have communication skills that I am in awe of and that we can not hear. I use telepathy a lot and they can always read my thoughts.
I know most of them individually, their character and their needs.
I am aware of their pains and their joys.

They follow me and are happy to see me. They trust me because I am there to be with them and not take from them.

Dolphins are evolved beings. 
They have rituals and important events. I have learned all this by observing them and being in the middle of the pod.

The reason for my dolphin school is that I want to teach people to give to the dolphins instead of taking.
And when we come from a spirit of giving we don't attempt to change anything in their behavior and we happily meet them where they are.

In recent years there is a lot of hype around dolphins and healing.

Dolphins became a big business BUT totally banning dolphin and human interaction would be a total disaster for dolphins as well as humans.

On Maui in La Perouse bay once they stopped people from going to the dolphins, dolphins stopped coming altogether. 

Therefore EDUCATING humans about dolphins and their needs is

a win/win for both dolphins and humans.
Spinner dolphins come closer to shore to rest and sleep.
But they play and have social interaction as well.
They are mammals and mammals are social beings.
Humans and dolphins belong together but on the dolphins' therms.

And that is what I teach.


This retreat will teach you the behavior of dolphins so you can treat them with love and respect.

As the awareness of the harmonious dolphin human connection increases dolphins will no longer be exploited.

I can make you aware of the needs of the spinner dolphins so we can serve them together with love.


All that is experienced with the dolphins corresponds to our experience as awakened Beings.
And this is the other gift of this retreat - your  awakening through the connection with Pali and her teachings.

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