Pali Summerlin


​During her 80 years Pali has been involved in a number of ventures! Most importantly since her 50's all of her work has been in the arena of spirituality and consciousness.  Her own spiritual seeking culminated a decade ago with the dropping of the ego - often spoken of as ‘awakening.’ Since then she has been offering satsang and individual sessions as an awakening coach. Her greatest gift is the myriad approaches she has mastered to fit wherever the student is and the deep intuition to connect with their process. Pali lives and teaches from the awake awareness that is our true nature, with no judgement and with unconditional love. Pali is a living invitation to return to your true Self:  the happy dream! Pali's approach is a distillation of non-dual teachings that you will recognize: Mooji, Byron Katie,A course in miracles, Rupert Spira, Avatar and many other's.

Interviews with Pali:


Rainbow aka Tamara Tavernier

Rainbow's Belgian name is Tamara Tavernier. She has lived since 2006 in Hawaii. There she fell in love with the dolphins. Over the years being with the dolphins has been her first priority. She has spent so much time with them that she learned their behaviors and language. They actually accept her as part of the pod. She knows many of them individually, and has created a connection through sign language, language and sound. She experiences that the dolphins live from the awakened state that Pali teaches us. They are in the moment with what is. They are always happy because they ARE love.

Rainbow has an intuitive ability to match and connect with the dolphins. This intuition is the source of her gift as an artist.
She creates individual soulpaintings and intuitive art that brings joy to the heart. (Rainbowsheart, Art by Rainbow)
It is the dolphin energy that she shares through her art.
Rainbow never wanted to teach people about dolphins but her guidance shows her it is time to do so, not for her self but for them. She sees many people being unaware sometimes in how to respect the space of these gentle creatures. Rainbow wants to teach how to be with dolphins in the love that they are. Through this love they delight in sharing human interaction.
I can teach you how to read their behaviors.

It is a journey to let go of the ego and to just BE as dolphins...

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