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          Dolphin Satsang                       Rainbow's ART

A Dolphin Satsang retreat with Pali Summerlin and Rainbow
(aka Tamara Tavernier)

Art, photography and videos by Rainbow

(aka Tamara Tavernier)

Both websites are a creation from Rainbow aka Tamara Tavernier. is a collaboration from Rainbow with her teacher Pali Summerlin. Here they present together Rainbow's knowledge and connection with the dolphins and the in depth satsangs Pali uses to bring people in their true Nature. is Rainbow's ART, Photography and video's.

Unclutter your mind

A Hawaiian satsang
dolphin Retreat
with Rainbow and Pali Summerlin

Join Rainbow with the dolphins

Join Pali with Satsang (spiritual teachings)

A 3 day intensive in Hawaii.

Invest in your awakening!
(see what's included)

Did you read every spiritual and self help book and yet nothing changed?
Did you try many retreats and felt great while it was going on but collapsed into your old habits once you were back in the real world?

That's my experience also and I did it all. 
The search stopped when I met the dolphins and Pali.
They helped me UNCLUTTER my mind into a simplicity of just BEING.

They helped me see through the ego and its false identity.

This retreat is a journey into dolphin consciousness and your true nature.

The dolphins are without ego always in the moment in bliss and that describes your true nature.

This is where my teacher, Pali lives ALL the time...

She has transformed my life from being suicidal, anorexic, depressed, abused, that BLISS most of the time, if my mind (or ego) doesn't jump in for a little while.

When I am with the dolphins I am in bliss, I sing for them 'I love-ilove you'
It's like magic. And many have seen it. It's a dance of love.
So this is it, this is what's offered in our retreat:
PEACE and LOVE...being as a dolphin....being free....

(Photo of my beloved dolphins at the top, my beloved Mamaji (Pali) here just beneath.
They are treasures, I promise.


Satsang with Pali

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